Old Republic Insurance Company (ORINSCO), the flagship carrier of the Old Republic General Insurance Group, has its home office in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Executive offices in Chicago, Illinois. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation (ORI). It was organized in 1935 and originally wrote business as the Coal Operators Casualty Company. In 1955, the company's charter was expanded to include additional lines of business and to foster greater diversification among various industries key to the American economy. The company's name was also changed at that time to reflect its present title.

ORINSCO provides property and casualty insurance capacity for several diverse commercial insurance underwriting facilities established over several decades.

ORINSCO's policies are issued by the following ORI subsidiaries and operating centers:

Old Republic Professional Liability, Inc. underwrites Old Republic's Directors and Officers and professional liability lines. Substantially all of this business is generated through brokerage channels.

Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. specializes in automobile service contracts, mechanical breakdown insurance, and guaranteed asset protection (GAP) programs for new and used automobiles. These policies and contracts are largely sold through independent agents.

Old Republic Risk Management, Inc.'s underwriting operations are focused on large national accounts in the manufacturing and service sectors of the American economy. Its business is underwritten through individually tailored, loss-sensitive, alternative market insurance programs that encourage insureds to retain a financial interest in their own risk exposures. ORRM's business is mostly produced through brokerage channels.

Old Republic Aerospace underwrites aviation insurance, covering hull, liability, and workers' compensation exposures for air travel facilities, and private and corporate aircraft through independent agent and brokerage sources.

  • »Republic Insured Credit Services, Inc. (RICS)

Republic Insured Credit Services, Inc. issued credit indemnity policies protecting lenders from defaults on a variety of consumer borrowings. Following the collapse of the housing and credit markets, this business shifted into a run-off operating mode in 2008.